G Suite users will now be able to make Google voice calls in Gmail

Google will soon be introducing a new feature for G Suite users, which will allow users to listen and make Google voice calls while still in Gmail. That means you no longer have to open separate tabs to make and receive calls.
This feature will display a voice icon in your browser. This will be on the right side of Gmail with other G Suite add-ons. This feature will be introduced on June 3.
It will take a few more days for it to appear to all users. This feature will be offered to the web, iOS, and Android users.
This feature will also allow you to transfer calls using Google Voice mobile and web app. Google will also give you tips on who to transfer calls to. If you don't want to use the suggestions, you can search the contact by yourself or enter the phone number yourself.
It is not yet clear when other Google Voice users will be able to use Gmail to make calls, receive, or forward features. However, Google is in the habit of offering all features first to G Suite users. It then releases them to the general public.

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