Corona: Be careful not to get upset.

Corona: Be careful not to get upset.

Dr. Younis, who is constantly giving you and me real guidance on Corona from Australia, has sent a message today containing instructions from an American expert and university professor, Dr. Which will set your thoughts and information about Corona in the right place.

The Head of Infectious Diseases Clinic from the University of Maryland writes:

1. We may have to live with Corona for months or years. So come and accept it, but don't worry. It's just a matter of learning to live by that fact.

2. When the coronavirus enters your cells, drinking hot water from buckets will not do anything. ۔ Except you run to urinate frequently.

3. Washing hands and keeping a distance of two meters is the best way to avoid it.

4. If you don't have corona in your home, you don't even need to disinfect the floor.

5. Delivery boxes, petrol pumps, shopping trolleys, and ATMs do not cause infections. Wash your hands and lead a normal life.

6. Corona is not a foodborne illness. It is a flu-like illness. So far, ordering home delivery food has not shown any risk of spreading corona.

7. Your sense of smell can be affected by any allergy or viral infection, it is not just a sign of corona.

8. You don't even have to change clothes or take a shower right away when you get home. Cleanliness is a good thing, but not a bad thing.

9. The coronavirus cannot stay in the air. It is a respiratory tract infection, which requires close contact with the patient.

10 The air is very clear. You can take a walk in the garden or park. Just be careful not to distance yourself from others.

11. The use of ordinary soap is sufficient. It does not require antibacterial soap. Corona is a virus, not a bacterium.

12 Don't worry about your home delivery food. If there is more problem, heat it in the microwave.

13 The chances of the coronavirus entering your home with your shoes are as high as the chances of lightning falling on you twice a day.
I have been working on viral diseases for twenty years, these viruses do not spread like this.

14. You cannot avoid the virus by using vinegar, sugarcane juice, or ginger water. These drinks only boost your immunity, and that's it.

15 Constant use of masks affects your respiratory system and the amount of oxygen in the body. Use masks only when you are in a crowd.

16. Using gloves is not a good idea. Inverted viruses accumulate on the surface of the gloves, and if the hand accidentally touches the mouth, the disease is more likely to spread. It is best to use only hand-washing precautions.

17. Your body's immune system is weakened if you constantly live in an environment where your body is not at risk of any kind of virus. (Immunity is enhanced only when the human body carries various germs from the air and its immune system continues to kill these germs). Even immunosuppressive drugs are useless.
It is best to go out regularly, the park, etc. Immunity is enhanced by fighting germs, not by sitting at home and consuming junk food.

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