Coat two tablets of Disprin and put it in the shampoo and then apply it ..... the prescription that will eliminate the biggest problem from your life.

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) From dry hair to bad breath, we suffer from many problems and expensive shampoos and treatments are often useless. Now the Times of India in its report has given some amazing tips through which we can get rid of these problems. The tips are as follows.
Headache and dry hair
Grind some aspirin tablets, mix two tablespoons of shampoo in them and apply it in the hair. Leave this mixture on for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash your head. This will relieve you of headaches and dryness. Aspirin actually contains salicylic acid, which works to eliminate dandruff.
If your headache is cracking and you want immediate relief, take a piece of ice and rub it on the back of your neck. What happens is that the ice will numb your nerve tissues that are sending pain signals.
Stinky breath
If you have a problem with bad breath, a celery plant is best for you because eating green celery kills the bacteria that cause bad breath.
Treatment of hiccups
If you have hiccups, eat one or two teaspoons of sugar because sugar distracts our body from hiccups, which stops hiccups.
Tooth decay
There is a saying that eating an apple a day does not make a person go to the doctor, but if your teeth are yellow and yellow, then eating an apple a day is very useful because apples contain malic acid and other properties that can be found in teeth. Remove the pellets and make them white and shiny.
Dark circles around the eyes
If you have dark circles around your eyes, tea bags are the best thing to do. After use, cool the tea bags and place them over the eyes for a while. Since tea leaves are the best antioxidant, this problem will be solved for you. Refrigerate bags for the best results.
Hair fall
Sulfur is found in large quantities in onions which is a very useful element for hair, so massaging onion water on the scalp stops hair loss and increases its growth. Put it in the shampoo and then apply it ... the prescription that will remove the biggest problem from your life

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