Book 180-seat plane for four people, news that is hard to believe

New Delhi (Web Desk) - The richest man in Bhopal has hired a 180-seater A320 private jet to transport four members of his family to New Delhi to avoid crowds at airports and flights during the Coronavirus epidemic, officials said. According to the daily Jang, the liquor merchant rented a plane to send his daughter, his two children, and his maid to New Delhi, who had been trapped in the lockdown for two months due to the coronavirus.
He said the plane arrived here from Delhi on Monday with the only crew and flew back with only four passengers for which it was specially rented. An airline official declined to give further details. The 180-seater A320 arrived here on May 25 to carry four members of a family, probably due to fears of the coronavirus. It was rented by someone and there was no medical emergency. Anil Vikram, director of Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal, could not be reached.
According to aviation experts, it costs around Rs 2 million to hire an Airbus 320. Domestic commercial flight services resumed on Monday after a two-month hiatus due to a lockdown imposed by the Coronavirus.

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